Keeping You Warm, Saving You Money!

Should you live in one of the 7 million+ homes in the UK with solid outside walls, you'll realise how difficult (and expensive!) it is to keep it warm throughout winter.

This alongside the recently announced price-hike in energy costs means it's becoming increasingly more essential to invest in exterior wall insulation in order to keep what precious heat there is from escaping - regardless of if it's a larger home or a small bungalow/cottage.

You will not only see the benefit with a reduction of up to 50% in your energy bills, but insulation can also provide added protection and value to your property against problems such as penetrating damp and internal condensation. This makes our system ideal for renovating your property, especially if it is in need of repair work.

In addition, an attractive finish can increase the value of your property if it is currently looking tired and dated, while providing an affordable opportunity to give the property some extra character, without compromising on any period architectural features it might have.

In a lot of properties there tends to be one particular wall that is colder and possibly damper than the others (usually the south-westerly facing one) that gets the hardest wind driven rain in winter. In such cases it can be practical and cost effective to fit outside insulation to this wall and leave the rest, possibly until a later date.

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