What is Insulated Render?

Insulated render systems come in many forms but all involve 3 basic elements.

Firstly, the external walls are wrapped in thermal insulating boards in the same way a tea cosy keeps a teapot warmer

Secondly, a specialist render is trowelled onto the boards to weatherproof and protect from water and frost attack.

Lastly, a weather-resistant coloured finishing render is applied for decoration and long term weather resistance. Textured decorative finishes such as brick/stone slips, travertine and quartz dash are also available to maintain the natural look of a property.

External Insulation - The Process

K&M's external wall insulation system involves a layered method that encases the property, preventing any heat from escaping unnecessarily.

The walls of the building are first wrapped in the highest quality phenolic foam boards, which are affixed with a heavy bonding adhesive (or mechanically, depending on the surface). We use phenolic boards as they have the highest thermal insulation and fire rating. They offer a 40% gain over Mineral and EPS insulated render boards and are suited to all types of insulated render and brick/stone slips.

Once the boards are placed around the property, two layers of a specialist polymer adhesive render are applied to the boards, with a nylon mesh embedded for extra strength and to prevent cracks appearing. Additional mesh is added around doors and windows to prevent cracks appearing in these areas, as well as allowing the boards to breathe so not to trap moisture in the walls or in the outside insulation. This also acts as a weatherproof layer for the surface against degratding conditions such as rain and frost, while helping to keep the internal walls cooler in the off-chance of a hot summer!

A final decorative finish is then applied to achieve the finished aesthetic appearance. These can vary from a colourful textured render to a brick/stone slip for the more traditional or natural look. This render is also weatherproof and requires no maintenance or decorating for at least 20 years.

View a selection of K&M's Renders and Finishes

Phenolic insulation boards

Phenolic insulation boards

Base coat render is applied

Base coat render applied

Travertine decorative finish

Travertine decorative finish